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Our creative art sessions are designed to engage, empower and stimulate our beneficiaries whatever age or ability.

Pink Rooster can deliver enjoyable, therapeutic and engaging creative art sessions to individuals and groups with a wide range of cognitive and physical impairments. Our sessions can be delivered within health and social care establishments including; care-homes, day-care centres, hospitals, schools, hospices etc.

We can even combine the therapeutic power of music with the creative art process through our innovative ‘painting to music sessions’.

Pink Rooster’s art sessions enable beneficiaries to work with different art materials and create artwork under the supervision of our experienced professional artist/tutors. The object of our sessions is to enable beneficiaries to engage and feel relaxed and stimulated in a social group and to enjoy the creative process, whatever the individual’s cognitive or physical ability.

We can design and develop creative sessions to meet the needs of most healthcare and social care establishments. There will never be any pressure applied to the beneficiary to achieve a finished artwork, it is the taking part and enjoyment of the creative process that is important.

Our artists/tutors support beneficiaries during the sessions to enable them to create artwork in a socially inclusive environment. We can develop our sessions to ensure that they are as accessible to as many people as possible and easy to understand and enjoy.

Pink Rooster creative art sessions are designed to support people of all ages, abilities and disabilities helping them to enjoy creating art and express themselves. The creative process also helps empower people and increase their self-confidence.

Exhibitions of beneficiaries’ artwork can also be arranged by Pink Rooster, at the care establishment or within local external exhibition spaces.

The types of creative sessions we can deliver include:

  • Painting to music
  • Still life
  • Landscape
  • Photography
  • Flower arranging
  • Creative writing

We are able offer subsidised sessions and in some cases, following a needs questionnaire, waive our session fees where there is an identified need. Please contact us for more information (click here)

Are you an artists or creative person with skills to deliver our sessions? If so we would love to hear from you, please get in touch (click here)

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