GPs report patchy care provision for those with dementia.

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General Practitioners (GPs) across England and Wales today voiced their concerns over a perceived lack of support for people with dementia. Specifically, many GPs feel that even where it is possible to reach an early diagnosis of the illness, dementia patients remain no better off for it since Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) and Social Services are simply unable to respond with an appropriate course of support.

At the heart of this dilemma is the acute problem of patchy care provision for those with dementia; with a quarter of surveyed GPs stating, in a report by BBC News (July 2015), that where support services were not available then they would be inclined not to make an early diagnosis of dementia.

Naturally, this situation is a concern to those working in this sector and equally so for families and carers touched by dementia.

From humble beginnings…

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After an incredible year of delivering innovative music projects and making a huge difference to the lives of people living with dementia and other cognitive impairments, Pink Rooster are delighted to announce we have recently become a registered charity.

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We also welcome donations of unwanted MP3 players or musical instruments.

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Introducing the Simple Music Player for Dementia

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So much more than mere ‘entertainment’

The Simple Music Player, has been designed to be easy to use for people living with dementia.

The Simple Music Player has the look of a radio that is probably familiar to many people, but is actually an MP3 digital music player and can be loaded with MP3 digital songs and tunes that have special meaning to individuals or groups.

The most important point is,the music that it plays is specifically suited to the person; its the music of their formative years, so it engages the brain in a much more positive way. Pink Rooster is pleased to be a reseller for these innovative music players and the profits from the sale of each player will go back into our charity to support our beneficiaries.

Currently available in Red, Blue and Burr-Walnut (Brown).

Please contact us (here) if you would like more information on availability and prices.

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