Music is a universal language and nearly all people can relate to and enjoy music, however, music can go far beyond simple enjoyment, releasing memories of fond events from the past and can be used as a therapeutic tool to give a sense of self and to promote memory in older adults with dementia. Music can however be of great benefit to people of all ages with varying health conditions. Our music sessions are designed to engage with both individuals and groups to evoke memories, sensations and feelings. Music has a very close relationship unconscious emotions, which are activated through the power of music.

Through listening and taking an active part in live music, older people with dementia can express themselves and recall memories from the past, for example, fond memories of past family events, holidays, happy times in their lives. In some cases music can also reduce anxiety, aggression, depression, agitation, confusion and stress.

Research has also shown that a reduction in medication, non-pharmacological management of pain and discomfort. Reduction in care staff input can also be a factor as a result of musical interventions.

We specialise in providing musical entertainment and interactive music sessions within residential care homes, dementia units, healthcare settings and are able to provide:

  • Entertainment only sessions where we provide an hour to an hour and half of music ranging from classical, jazz, gypsy jazz, folk, standards, country, bluegrass, Irish and Scottish folk.
  • Interactive sessions which not only provide musical entertainment but will allow participation through the provision of percussion instruments which in turn can also provide a low level of physiotherapy.
  • We can also bring along a variety of other instruments which can be handled by the audience and which we will play during the session.
  • As part of our programme we will meet and chat with the audience and take requests for our next visit.
  • We are able to cater for indoor and outdoor sessions and are happy to perform in small or larger venues. We are also happy to play for individuals who are unable to participate in group sessions, for example if the person is bed bound.
  • Themed sessions can be arranged and we are also happy to cater for special requests or provide sessions based on specific era’s for example 1920’s, 1930’/40’s/50’s etc,.
  • Andrea and David are both experienced musicians as well as qualified tutors with experience of working with community groups, older people and individuals / groups with specific learning requirements.

We are continually seeking funding to assist us with delivery of our projects and in some cases (dependent on geographical location) we are able to subsidise our fees (and can even provide without charge in certain circumstances), which we would be more than happy to discuss with you.

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